Whether you are travelling for business, visiting family, or just taking a vacation, there is a lot to consider and keep track of, especially when you are going out of the country. It is important that you are prepared for every situation that may arise. One of the best ways to be prepared is by protecting yourself with the right travel insurance.  If you are traveling to other provinces within Canada, consider purchasing travel insurance specifically designed for that purpose, which will be at a much lower cost than out of country travel insurance. When you are traveling out of country, even for one day, be prepared and have your emergency medical travel insurance in place.


Travel insurance for emergency medical care abroad

It can be very upsetting, not to mention scary, when your trip abroad is interrupted by a medical emergency. Depending on what country you are going to be visiting, the local health care quality may or may not provide many medical services free of charge. When travelling abroad, you are going to want to make sure you have travel insurance to cover any medical costs you may incur. 

Trip cancellation insurance

Having a trip cancelled or cut short can be a very expensive event. When you are forced to cancel your trip or cut it short and return home for any reason, you are going to want to have insurance that covers any non-refundable expenses you’ve paid for. This can include anything from airfare to hotel reservations to package deals that include side excursions, entertainment, and meals. 

Claim Examples

  1. Young man playing in a baseball tournament in California. He ruptured his spleen. $50,000 medical bill.
  2. 78 year old visiting family in Singapore when she caught pneumonia. $22,000 medical bill.
  3. Young man surfing off the coast of Costa Rica. It went wrong and his lower jaw was smashed. He needed reconstructive surgery. He was airlifted to the mainland US by medivac.  $145,000 medical bill.
  4. 71 year old in California admitted to ER with stroke and blood clots. Was repatriated back to British Columbia. $268,000 medical bill.


Purchase your travel insurance BEFORE you travel. Have the peace of mind knowing you are protected.