Great news for our clients who travel to the United States

Thanks to Blue Cross partnering with GeoBlue, you can have access to a larger network of health care providers and facilities covering the entire U.S., including Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. 

Current partnerships in the state of Florida, South Carolina and Arizona are included in this agreement with GeoBlue.

If you register before you go to the hospital there are no out of pocket expenses.

Consultation fees at hospitals and clinics in the GeoBlue network will be taken care of by Ontario Blue Cross®, which means NO OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSES for Authorized Medical Expenses AND faster claims processing times.

Peace Of Mind

You can travel with the peace of mind knowing that you are covered by one of the largest assistance network in the United States.

Benefits of the partnership with GeoBlue

Exclusive to Blue Cross.

Access to a larger assistance network covering the entire U.S., including Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

96% of health care providers in the U.S. are part of the GeoBlue network.

Simplified experience for travelers to the U.S. who will require travel assistance. 

No upfront costs for authorized services.

Improved and simplified claims processing.

No change in medical coverage.

It is essential that you


contact travel assistance


 any medical consultation in order to benefit from this service.

All Canadian Blue Cross Plans for which CanAssistance processes travel claims are part of the GeoBlue partnership:

Quebec Blue Cross, Ontario Blue Cross, Medavie Blue Cross, Alberta Blue Cross and Saskatchewan Blue Cross.